Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friends are Normal in IRL, but Dicks in Computer Games

A common trend in the game I play called League of Legends. I don't understand why they think playing a game gives them an excuse to be a douchebag. Sure some sorts of trolling can be fun when a person really deserves it, but there needs to be a line drawn somewhere.

Perhaps it's the internet tough guy mentality, because when they lose...they become way too emotionally invested in that loss. They have poor anger management skills and lash out at those around them. It's very irritating, and I'm already contemplating on playing with other people.

It's like watching 14 year old kids go apeshit and yell on the mic. Dumb Xbox live kids get mad at something so they decide to spam the mic.

The worst part is that my friends are of college age, and the level of maturity they display is rather sad. They are good players and very intelligent, but absolutely the poorest sports during competitive play.

It seems people never lose with grace or win with humility anymore. Maybe games bring out the worse in people.

Do any of you guys have friends that are assholes in games but normal in real life? How do you confront them with this? It seems they are unaware of their actions.


  1. Yeah my brother plays HoN competitively on a daily basis. He can get brutal if he's losing because his teammates are being dumb. Eventually I just lost interest in playing with him.

    I myself have realized I get out of hand with games sometimes. But the difference is I'm aware of it, and try to withdraw if I'm getting to frustrated. No point in making myself more pissed. I think the best thing to do is try and confront them directly about it, or find another game to play.

  2. its always the same.. i say just play and have fun!

  3. because on the internet you can't get your ass kicked physically :P

  4. My friends and I typically stay pretty calm online. We don't throw on our cool faces until some troll decides to have a username like "whitepower666" decides to come along, and then it turns into a giant party of trolling trolls trolling trolling trolls.

  5. Whenever one of my friends gets in an apeshit child-minded rage I just keep trolling him until he fucks off.

  6. fullowin 'n' suppin :)


  7. It's normal nowadays, they've grown another set of cocks just by being behind the monitor and being lolasshole in the game.

  8. Most of my friends stay cool online, but there's this one guy who just likes to 'trol'l the shit out of almost everyone. I just think it's funny

    btw, I'd follow your blog but it doesn't work atm, I'll try to remember do it later

  9. Most of my friends are pretty cool about it. No sense playing a game if you're not having fun.