Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Internet is Responsible for Success

If you grew up during the dial-up on. I have always attributed my strong computer skills to early exposure. Back in the 90s, it fucking blew my mind that I could download music FOR FREE FOR FREE FOR FREE. Napster was the shit. At the age of 10, I could rent Playstation games from blockbuster, then return them after I copied the games onto my blank CDs.

Anyways, I learned so much shit from the internet. It was the ultimate substitute for my high school learning. The American education system has always been a bit lackluster when it came to teaching.

Looking back, I wonder what I would have turned into if I didn't have internet in my household. Later I think of how disadvantaged some kids are without technology.

Imagine that you have never been exposed to a computer until age 18, do you guys ever wonder how your life would turn out?

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